Welcome to Team AFFEC! 

The 2024 Eugene Marathon is coming up soon on April 26-28. We hope you will join us this year and help support A Family for Every Child through the Eugene Marathon's Run for a Reason program! Join our team, set a fundraising goal, and spread the word to your friends and family! They donate, you meet your goal, and get to run your race for free! The minimum qualifying amount needed to be raised is $250 for the Marathon and Half Marathon, and $150 for the Eugene 5k. If you successfully raise over $300 for the Marathon and Half Marathon, or over $200 for the Eugene 5K, you'll get an exclusive #TeamAFFEC T-Shirt!

Once you commit to fundraise for A Family For Every Child, you will receive a registration code to cover all registration fees, along with tips and tricks to make fundraising easier! Fundraising closes the Saturday after the race. 

To get started, hit the "Join The Campaign" button below.

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